Source code for rest_easy.models

# coding: utf-8
This module provides useful model mixins and global functions.

Its contents can be used to serialize a model or find proper serializer/deserialize data via a registered serializer.

from __future__ import unicode_literals

from rest_easy.exceptions import RestEasyException
from rest_easy.registers import serializer_register

__all__ = ['SerializableMixin', 'get_serializer', 'deserialize_data']

[docs]class SerializableMixin(object): """ This mixin provides serializing functionality to Django models. The serializing is achieved thanks to serializers registered in :class:`rest_easy.registers.SerializerRegister`. A proper serializer based on model and provided schema is obtained from the register and the serialization process is delegated to it. Usage: ```python from users.models import User serializer = User.get_serializer(User.default_schema) ``` Or: ```python data = User.objects.all()[0].serialize() ``` """ default_schema = 'default'
[docs] @classmethod def get_serializer(cls, schema): """ Get correct serializer for this model and given schema, Utilizes :class:`rest_easy.registers.SerializerRegister` to obtain correct serializer class. :param schema: schema to be used for serialization. :return: serializer class. """ name = serializer_register.get_name(cls, schema) return serializer_register.lookup(name)
[docs] def serialize(self, schema=None): """ Serialize the model using given or default schema. :param schema: schema to be used for serialization or self.default_schema :return: serialized data (a dict). """ serializer = self.get_serializer(schema or self.default_schema) if not serializer: raise RestEasyException('No serializer found for model {} schema {}'.format(self.__class__, schema)) return serializer(self).data
[docs]def get_serializer(data): """ Get correct serializer for dict-like data. This introspects model and schema fields of the data and passes them to :class:`rest_easy.registers.SerializerRegister`. :param data: dict-like object. :return: serializer class. """ if 'model' not in data or 'schema' not in data: raise RestEasyException('Both model and schema must be provided in data~.') serializer = serializer_register.lookup(serializer_register.get_name(data['model'], data['schema'])) if not serializer: raise RestEasyException('No serializer found for model {} schema {}'.format(data['model'], data['schema'])) return serializer
[docs]def deserialize_data(data): """ Deserialize dict-like data. This function will obtain correct serializer from :class:`rest_easy.registers.SerializerRegister` using :func:`rest_easy.models.get_serializer`. :param data: dict-like object or json string. :return: Deserialized, validated data. """ serializer = get_serializer(data)(data=data) serializer.is_valid(raise_exception=True) return serializer.validated_data